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Rationale of the Official Seal of the


(Officially adopted by the 1st City Council of the Island Garden City of Samal, per SP Resolution No. 115, series 1998, dated 29 September 1998)

Logo Concept, Design and Artwork: CLETO BRAVO GALES, JR.
Rationale of the Logo, Author: CLETO BRAVO GALES, JR.

The shape of the Official Logo is non-traditional – a departure from the usual circular logo. This is a manifestation of the inherent uniqueness of the Island Garden City of Samal – both as an Island and as a City – just as unique as its name, “Island Garden City of Samal”. 

The official font for the full official name “Island Garden City of Samal” is Zapf Chancery. The word “SAGISAG” uses AvantGarde. Both fonts are dynamic, yet elegant – exuding the dynamism and elegance of the City. 

The colors used for the Logo are dichromatic hues of blue and yellow (varied tones of blue, green, flesh, etc.) – resulting to a cool and soothing visual impact. The colors are carefully chosen to depict the colors of life in abundance and the harmony of various elements/facets of community life. 

As a whole, the imageries as captured in the Logo and the lasting impressions they intend to depict are: Samal Island’s pristine beauty, Samal Island as how the people dream it to be, and Samal Island as “haven of amity”.

New City Hall, Sitio Maag
Peñaplata, Samal District
Island Garden City of Samal
Davao del Norte

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