Notice of Invitation to Bid

PR No. 2020-06-2449 - Completion of Evacuation Center at Brgy. San Miguel, Samal District, IGACOS

PR No. 2020-06-2450 - Construction of Multipurpose Bldg. AMAVILL Subdivision at Brgy. San Miguel, Samal District, IGACOS

PR No. 2020-05-2435 - Improvement of City Road (Re-Blocking) at Mambago-B, Babak District, IGACOS

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  1. PR No. 2020-05-2433 - Construction of Interment Vault at Pahulayan, San Miguel, Samal District, IGACOS
  2. PR No. 2020-05-2432 - Road Concreting of FMR at Bagsak, Aumbay to Anonang Road Section
  3. PR No. 2020-05-2409 - Contruction of Drainage System Kinawitnon, Babak District
  4. PR No. 2020-05-2406 - Development of Water Supply and Facilities at Tambo, Babak District
  5. PR No. 2020-04-2281 - Construction of Wheelbath at Caliclic, Babak District, IGACOS (Re-Bidding)
  6. PR No. 2020-04-2236 - Construction of Wheelbath at Villarica Wharf, Babak District, IGACOS
  7. PR No. 2020-03-2092 - Construction of Multi-Purpose Hall (Phase-I) at BJMP, Toril, Babak District (Re-Bidding)
  8. PR No. 2020-03-1594 - Construction of Gym at Mambago-B NHS, Babak District (Re-Bidding)
  9. PR No. 2020-02-1518 - Completion of Perimeter Fence at Slaughterhouse, San Agustin, Babak District, IGACOS (Re-Bidding)
  10. PR No. 2020-01-1393 - Concreting of Road from Circumferential Road San Miguel to Cemetery Pahulayan (Re-Bidding)
  11. PR No. 2020-01-1386 - Widening of Road at Kinawitnon - Villarica Road Section (Re-Bidding)
  12. PR No. 2019-11-4214 - Construction of Multipurpose Building/Evacuation Center at Anonang NHS, Anonang, Kaputian District (Re-Bidding)
  13. PR No. Consolidated-16 Upgrading and Rehabilitation of Powerlines of Different Barangays in IGACOS
  14. PR No. 2020-03-1963 Upgrading and Rehabilitation of Powerlines at Sitio Talisay, San Remegio, Kaputian District, IGACOS
  15. PR No. 2020-05-2343 Electrification at Sitio Bucawe, Toril, Babak District, IGACOS