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MARCH 1 - 7 :This week-long festivals in celebration of the founding anniversary of Island Garden City of Samal. The festival showcases the island's natural endowments and its people's culture.

APRIL - JULY  :The City Government of the Island Garden City of Samal, the IGaCoS Tourism Council (ITC), and the Department of Tourism XI (DOTXI) join efforts to increase the tourist traffics/arrival during summertime and reach a new benchmark for Samal - VISIT SAMAL ISLAND, summer festivities from April to July.

MAY (LAST WEEK) :Culminating on May 28, the festival celebrates the rich and colorful marine life in the island in a grand fashion show where models wear attires mimicking sea creatures 


JUNE 16TH TO 18TH  :Owing its monicker to the name of District of Kaputian (meaning white), the event is a festival of culture and arts in commemoration of the then Municipality of Kaputian (now District since the creation of Island Garden City of Samal)


JULY : "Good...Merriment...Samal Festival" is the literal translation of the occasion's title. Good indeed because it is a festival of thankgiving for a bountiful harvest and merriment is in the air because everyone is in the high spirits during the celebration.