Cost of Doing Business

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Island Garden City of Samal investors contemporarily enjoys high fiscal incentives and the leverage to experience and indulge of natural and economic advantage.  LIVE, WORK, PLAY. Enjoy tranquility, and DISCOVER uniqueness of the city’s exquisite beauty and a promising business potential. 

Doing business in Samal is quite easy where the city business-friendly atmosphere assures fast business processes and procedures. Please take note of the contact details indicated in this material so you can avail of business entry facilitation services. 


Minimum Daily Wage

  • Non-Agricultural 
    • (more than 10 workers) PhP 317.00
    • (less than 10 workers) PhP 286.00
  • Agricultural 
    • Plantation         307.00
    • Non-Plantation 317.00

Water Rates in PhP

  • Commercial 48.30
  • Industrial (bulk sales) 72.45

Power Rates (KwH)  

  • Commercial PhP 7.9425
  • Industrial PhP 7.3512

Mobile Call Rates

  • US$ 0.014 up to 0.16 per minute (local)
  • US$ 0.045 up to 0.30 per minute (abroad)

Hotel Rates per Night

  • US$ 12.50 (budget) up to 113.60 (AAA) 

Real Estate Rental Rates (sq/m per month)

  • US$ 6.97 up to 23.95