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0933-4661021 - SUN

0955-6941430 - GLOBE

Please report suspected cases at this number.

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City Health Office - 09171248829

RHU Kaputian - 09127449034

RHU Babak - 09171765993

Talikud Lying-in - 09303593368

CESU - 09556941430/09386606461


Notice To The Public...

To all individuals/ corporation/ investors who are intending to acquire land properties in the Island Garden City of Samal, please be advised that you are encouraged to deal with Land Developers who are registered at the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB). Further, interested buyers of lot/s in Samal Island are advised to consult first with the City Planning and Development Office for proper guidance and information regarding the future use of their lands.


From the City Government of Samal Island

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Free Birth Registration Spearheaded by City Civil Registrar's Office...

Parents grab the opportunity of registering their children for free, the free birth registration spearheaded by the City Registrar Office today in celebration of 30th Civil Registration Month with the theme “Shaping Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) by Embracing New Trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).” at City Hall Ground Penaplata.

“Tulo nako ka anak ang akong ipa rehistro, edad 11, 9 ug 7. Gigahinan na gyud nako og panahon aron ma rehistro na ang akong mga anak. Naka balita ko na adunay free registration of birth karon, maynalang maka tipid pud mi. Matud pa ni Juvylene M. Bañal, married, 28 years old, taga Poblacion Kaputian, inahan sa tulo ka bata.”

Joint affidavits and other documents such as payment for Philippine Statistics Authority copy are not included in the free civil registration.

The celebration reminds and promotes the importance of civil registration to all citizens, to strengthen the awareness in the legality, correctness, and accurateness in the registry of essential personal documents as well as the basis of statistical records.

This year’s theme is the extension of “Innovation” which is the preceding theme, as Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) embraces new trends of the 4IR, the dynamic year of 2020 anticipates the launch of the Civil Registration System, which the Information Technology Project 2 (CRS-ITP2), along with the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH), and the mass registration of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys).

The local government continuously supports all programs that attuned to its endeavor towards the benefits of its constituents.


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Bids and Awards Bulletin

Caraga Filchin Corp - Re: Purchase of One Unit Brand New Firetruck (Php 8,450,000.00)

Caraga Filchin Corp - Re: Purchase of Two Units Brand New Ambulance (Php 5,000,000.00)

AGRF Builders & Supply - Rehabilitation of City Roads (Road Concreting) at Brgy. Balet, Babak District under PR No. 2020-05-2342

AGRF Builders & Supply - Completion of Pasalubong Center at Peñaplata, Samal District under PR No. 2020-02-1446

AGRF Builders & Supply - Coastal Park Development Babak and Peñaplata under PR No. 2020-02-1548

KLAM Trading - Purchase of Food Supplies (Spices) Under Trust Fund Proper-Sales from Bagsakan


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